Optical Variable Ink

OVI’s contain minute flakes of metallic film. As the viewing angle is altered the colour morphs from one to another. This needs to be printed with a fairly heavy weight to get the best results. Such examples would be in currency printing and visa’s. The most common colour changes are pink to green (and vice versa) as well as red to purple. You will also notice that the ink feels almost embossed on the substrate which is due to the amount of ink required to get the required effect.


Color of optical variable ink deponds on the view angle that you watching. Color changing mainly have belows: Magenta-gold Gold-silver Purple-green Green-red Red-gold Blue-red Yellow-gre

User Guide

Optical Variable Ink is widely used in security printing ,such as luxury products,wine box ,cigarate box,,currency,security document,label and so on.

Product Description:

  1. Before you use the watermark ink, you need to clean the roller and confirm that there is no residue of ink on the roller.
  2. We suggest you could use the single-colored printing machine to print the paper.


Product Application:

  1. Optical variable ink is the most complicated intervention type Special ink. The printing products using this ink has colorful metal luster in which color lump shows a pair of colors.
  2. Seen from the front or lateral side under sunlight, the ink glows two different colors varying with the viewing angle, characterized by intense optical variation and sharp color changes, whose color angular effect can’t be duplicated by high resolution scanner, color copying machine and other devices, and printing features can’t be emulated by any other printing inks and printing types.
  3. With the unique design and special charm, it has become the rarely excellent  Anti-counterfeiting ink and is recognizable without any devices. Furthermore, due to its complicated ink production process, huge investment, high anti-forgery reliability and involving high-technology in fields such as machinery, optics, electron, vacuum, superfine grinding, surface chemistry and high molecular material, it is applied in strictest and most difficult  Anti-counterfeiting in currency and securities by many countries and in packing Anti-counterfeiting by some famous manufacturers.