Security Ink Applications

Zxchem security inks pigments can be incorporated into hidden texts, marks and images and, whilst not visible under normal white light, can be easily verified using ultra-violet light (UV‑A, 365 nm or UV‑C, 254 nm) or a special luminescence detector.

As we can produce pigments of high fluorescent intensity with a very fine particle size Zxchem security inks pigments are suitable for use in offset, flexo, gravure, screen and intaglio printing techniques. The vividness of our proprietary water soluble and organic solvent soluble fluorescent dyes means they are suitable for use in inkjet printing applications at around 1% concentration. The availability of fine particle size pigments (d90 < 1‑2 µm), allow them to be used in industrial ink jet printers. We produce three types of NIR absorbing materials: solvent soluble, water soluble and insoluble.

  • Hidden imprints on labels, packaging or a product surface.
  • Tamper evident seals and security labels
  • Product authentication
  • Special applications

Mission & Quality

With the Mission “TO SEAL THE TRUTH WITH COLOR & QUALITY”, as a high-tech enterprise,mainly focuses our edges of sustainable innovation and excellent quality on niches of both professional high security solutions. Our endeavor is to meet customized demands with ultimate layers of security for important documents and valuable products, like banknotes, tax instruments, traveling documents, tobacco and etc., in either public or private sectors.

Security Tech for Security Inks

  • Orion
  • Denomination no.
  • Impression
  • Tactile line
  • Microtext
  • Potent image
  • Intaglio metallic
  • Moor optical variability
  • QR Code
  • Optical variability intaglio
  • Coupling of IR Absorption
  • Register
  • Microtext
  • Color division
  • Enhanced fluorescence
  • IR Absorption
  • UV Fluorescence
  • Irregular numbering
  • Invisible or visible fluorescence
  • Long wavelength fluorescence
  • Short wavelength fluorescence
  • Machine readability and DNA taggant
  • Comet security
  • Magnetic optical variable ink
  • Dual color pearl escence
  • LCD optical variable ink
  • Magnetic variable security
  • Super high tactility ink
  • Flash light validation
  • High resistance fluorescence
  • Machine readability
  • Trace and track covert ink
  • Visible machine readability