Magnetic Ink

Magnetic inks are mainly used for serialisation and numbering purposes. The ink contains small magnetic flakes and allows a number to be machine read. The most common application is cheque printing and you will find it on the MICR numbering portion of the bottom of a cheque. This will usually contain the cheque number, account number and sort code of the bank.

What Is Magnetic Ink

simply put, is ink that contains magnetic properties. The ink, therefore, reacts to magnetic fields. This magnetic ink or toner is used to print the checking account information that typically appears on the bottom of checks in block-style numbers.


Magnetic ink is mainly used for logo, passwords, patten number printing.

Product Description:

Magnetic ink contents magnetic materials that can be checked and read out by magnetic detor.
Manily used for logo printing. Magnetic ink is mainly used for logo, passwords, patten number printing. 
It have magnetic materials which can be checked out and read out by information dector. It have black and brown two kinds of colors


Product Application:

Because of the speed with which they can be read by computer systems, magnetic ink character recognition is used extensively in banking, primarily for personal checks. The ink used in magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) technology is also used to greatly reduce errors in automated (or computerized) reading.

Some people believe that the magnetic ink was intended as a fraud prevention concept, yet the original intent was to have a non-optical technology so that writing on the cheque, like signatures, would not interfere with reading. The main magnetic fonts (E13-B and CMC7) are downloadable for a small fee and in addition magnetic toner is available for many printers. Some higher resolution toners have sufficient magnetic properties for magnetic reading to be successful without special toner.