About Linduch Technology

Linduch Technology security inks is high quality, custom-made security inks for value documents that are extremely difficult to recreate or replicate either by criminals or competitors a security pigment supplier founded by a group of chemical engineers with a wide range of international experience in R&D projects and chemical industrial synthesis of China.

Our company specialises in developing and manufacturing unique luminescent photoactive materials and markers, with the main focus on fluorescent security ink, Secure IR Ink,Secure Quick Trace ink,UV Fluorescent Ink, Magnetic Variable Security Ink.Traditional Security Ink,Machine Readable Security Ink, High Tactility Ink,High performance inkjet inks. Manufactures security inks suitable for offset, intaglio, flexo, gravure, screen, numbering and inkjet processes. Most of our inks are custom-made to meet the customer’s exact technical requirements and preferred drying process. Our philosophy of supply gives our customers the highest levels of innovation, security, discretion and confidentiality.

Our products has research laboratories and manufactorys in Shanghai China for the development, analysis and quality control of our unique products and our team of specialist chemists is continually engaged in designing new sophisticated inks.We operate strict quality control procedures and our regulatory department ensures compliance with all international regulations.

Philosophy of Linduch Technology

Symbolization of Linduch

Linduch in Chinese means, Loyalty Integrity.

Our Mission:

Create value for clients and contribute to our society

Our Vision:

Through continuous innovation, build Linduch Technology to be a comprehensive service provider with international brand recognition in the field of health and nutrition.

Core Value:

  • Integrity    --- sincere cooperation with all the partners and friends for win-win
  • Dedication  ---dedication to work with high standard
  • Perseverance---never give up before it comes to a good end
  • Innovation  ---an important factor in keeping enterprises alive

Management Philosophy:

  • Quickly Response
  • Performance Oriented
  • Team Work
  • Talent inspiration
Overseas Exhibition

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