UV Fluorescent Ink

UV fluorescent ink is made by adding the corresponding visible fluorescent compound to the ink. Its anti-counterfeiting feature is: printing sample will have a fluorescent effect under UV light.


Fluorescent ink can be printed on paper, PVC, glass, PP, plastic and other materials. It has good adhesion.

Printing Method

Offset printing,screen printing,Intaglio printing and flexographic printing

Product Description:

Advanced UV-fluorescent anti-counterfeit covert security pigments to protect documents of value and products against counterfeiting:

  • Very bright UV-fluorescent pigments
  • High performance over a long period of time
  • All pigments can be delivered with unique-custom-formulated forensic security features
  • Pigments can be applied in all ink colors, suitable for all printing technologies
  • Used for banknotes, passports, ID cards, tax stamps, certificates

Zxchem offers a diversity of security pigments that are widely used as a strong covert and forensic security features to assist authentication of high value documents and products.

Product Application:

Ultraviolet fluorescent ink is a special printing one giving off visible light (400-800nm) whlle exposed to ultraviolet light ( 200-400nm).Ultraviolet light is divided into shortwave and long wave according to the excitation wave length . The ink of excitation wave length of 254nm is called shortwave ultraviolet fluorescent ink and that of 365nm is long wave uItraviolet fluorescent Ink . It is divided into three kinds by colors: achromatic , chromatic and discoloration : Achromatic ink can glows red , yellow , green and blue colors ; chromatic ink can brighten the original color ; discoloratlon ink can change from a color to another color , which is applied in printing RMBnotes , bank books and taxation invoices.