Secure IR Inkjet Ink

Invisible anti-counterfeiting ink tailored for high-speed inkjet printers, suitable for invisible bar codes, QR codes, and other digital encryption information anti-counterfeiting printing.Good concealment, traceability, difficult to forge.

Technical advantages

Super endurance and durable anti-counterfeiting effect

Scope of application

UV inkjet ink, industrial inkjet printer is suitable for anti-channeling, traceability and other fields

Visible light




Technical advantages:

  • High concealment, not easy to be found by criminals;
  • Portable testing equipment, easy testing;
  • High tolerance, able to withstand years of sunlight;
  • UV curing, high environmental protection, resistance to rubbing with alcohol, etc.
  • Products with independent knowledge, patent protection.

Product Application:

New invisible infrared anti-counterfeiting ink tailored for high – speed inkjet printers.It is suitable for the printing of invisible bar code, QR code and other digital encryption information.Good concealment, traceability, difficult to forge.Suitable for all kinds of inkjet printing equipment, can realize UV curing.

Compared with the existing infrared absorption invisible inkjet ink on the market, the color is lighter and can be completely transparent.

Existing and infrared absorption invisible ink on the market must be printed on a certain color or background, and can only be printed in special point coding to achieve the full “invisible” effect, and the ink technology on the background color or shading without any requirements, even if the printing of ordinary QR two-dimensional code can be completely transparent.

Applicable model and curing mode:

Kyocera, Ricoh, Konica and other piezoelectric prinklers,The UV/UVLED curing.