Glow In The Dark Ink

The ink is mixed by night luminous powder, storage light thenglow for 12 hours continually by itself .

This process (absorbing- storing-lighting) belongs to infinite loop, you can use it forever.

With features of no-toxic,no radioactive material and no fatalness,not only can be used for daily necessities safely, but also for decorating in architecture ,transport tool, military facility, fire emergency systems, traffic sign and so on.


This ink is light yellow green in appearance. It has the best night luminous effect on the transparent or white substrates.


Be as an additive, night luminous power are equably distributed in various of transparent medium ,such as dope ,ink , plastic ,print varnish, china, glass, chemical fiber and kinds of luminary made by night luminous power.

Product Description:

Glow in the dark ink is made of rare earth luminescent materials by high-tech means.

It absorbs sunlight in the daytime for 10-30 minutes, and then automatically continues to emit light for more than 10 hours, so it still glows in the middle of the night.

Its effect is similar to that of neon advertisements. Neon lights need power to emit light, but glow in the dark ink does not need electricity, which saves energy and can be recycled indefinitely,

Product Application:

Screen printing glow in the dark inks finds application in many materials of paper, boards, plastics, woods, glass, metals, etc. To produce luminous. Screen printing night glow inks are used for good indicating and beautifying effect in darkness, it can be widely used in emergency signs, pass way signs, switches, enamel nameplate, road signs, toys, handicraft, clock, meter panels ,textile, firemen’s equipment, military and camp instruments etc.